It's such an exciting moment when you tell your future husband (or wife) Yes! I will marry you! Some have dreamed of that moment and planned out every detail of their wedding day for years, while others are shooting from the hip. Most brides/grooms fall somewhere in between; they have a vision but don't really know where to start or what all resources are out there. Fortunately, there are many websites now that are devoted to bringing all of the vendors and resources together in some format, from simple lists to complete wedding planning sites. 

I've been actively involved in over one hundred weddings, from being a bride myself to coordinating other bride's events, and throughout that time I have come across some awesome websites that are specifically designed to be a bride's (or groom's!) best friend. 

I hope you find some great resources, and if yo know of any that are not on the list please mention them in a comment! (A great wedding planning site. Allows you to upload information and actually build your own wedding site!) (A site with a great list of Arkansas wedding resources. Yes, we're on the list!) (This site has vendors with reviews from clients) (Has everything you need, from budgeting tools to a planning checklist) (Another build-your-own wedding site)

Have fun and good planning!